Children With An Intellectual Or Developmental Disability Essay

1853 Words Apr 16th, 2016 8 Pages
People with an intellectual or developmental disability are one of the most socially excluded groups and encounter stigma, prejudice and barriers that restrict their freedom and rights. The general public has hidden biases and assumptions that discriminate those with intellectual and developmental disabilities more than any other disability that can alter the way they would like to live their lives. Since those with developmental disabilities have behaviours that are seen as ‘different’, they are labeled as abnormal or conceivably dangerous, which makes it easier for others to discriminate them. When people think of individuals with an intellectual or developmental disability, they often suggest negative characteristics such as having poor social skills, yelling, or being aggressive (Williams, 2010). According to Statistics Canada (2012), depending on how ‘developmental or intellectual disabilities’ is defined, about 1% of Canadians are faced with this disability. People who usually discriminate those with intellectual or developmental disabilities are people who are uninformed about the needs and diversity of these individuals. It is not their fault for being unaware but it is their duty and responsibility to learn about the various and diverse individuals they will encounter in their lives. It is important to know how to behave and treat others in various situations in order to know how to accommodate everyone. Those with intellectual or developmental disabilities are…

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