Children Who Commit Violent Crimes Essay

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On October 23, 2015 at around 1 o’clock a.m., a 25 year-old women named Shaneku McCurty was brutally murdered at a gas station because she defended herself against three carjackers. The accused carjackers were 15 year old Demonte Grant, 16 year old Cameron Williams, and 16 year-old Jermaine Grant. Since they were under 18, they are considered minors but may be trialed as adults. Violent crimes are offenses which involve force or threat of force. Prosecutors believe that children who commit a violent crime, to the extent that the victim has to suffer or did not deserve the violent act, should be charged as an adult. Many children are accused of committing a violent crime everyday.
Whether the situation be robbery, murder, or just physical aggression, many children are trialed as adults at very young ages. Children need to learn that the decisions that they make or that their peers make are wrong. Therefore, children who commit violent crimes should be trialed as adults. This is necessary because children need to be held responsible for committing violent crimes regardless of their age. In addition, many families are left with sorrow and pain because they feel that the accused was wrongly prosecuted or given a weak consequence for taking someone’s life. Furthermore, statistics show that if more children are trialed as adults less violent crimes will be committed by youth. Finally, while it may be wrong to hold children and adolescents who have not reached legal age to adult…

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