Children Of God : God Essay

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Children of God In LDS theology, it is a widely accepted doctrine that all people are literal children of God. From primary age, members sing “I am a child of God, and he has sent me here.” However, outside the LDS church, and even occasionally inside, this belief is largely misunderstood and there is much confusion about what exactly is meant by being ‘Children of God.’ Summarily, LDS members believe that God is the literal, not metaphorical, father of our spirits, and He sent us to earth to grow and become like Him. Misunderstandings of this can be rooted in false doctrines, unclear terminology, and a simple lack of knowledge. Nonetheless, it is only once we come to know that God is our Father, the knowledge helps to clarify other aspects of our lives, and we grow to become more like him. The most basic distinction that must be made comes in the perceived difference between the term Creator and the term Father. Genesis 2:7 reads “the Lord God formed man of the dust of the ground.” This verse tells of the events following the 7 days of Creation, where Adam and Eve, the first man and woman were created. This event has been wrongly cited as proof that God is not our Father “except in the sense that He created humanity and did so in His image and likeness” (“God’s Own”). If we are just looking at this mortal existence, then it is true, God merely created these bodies, He did not father us. Mankind is God’s creation, not His progeny. But, the claim was never that we are…

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