Children Experiences Labor And Birth Of The Baby Through The Birth Canal

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Every woman experiences labor and birth differently, but the act is unique and life-changing. After a long process of holding a baby inside the womb, moving into labor can be an overwhelming event filled with many different emotions. But with the encouragement of friends and loved ones the process can be alleviated. All the contractions and movements of the body influence the yielding for the path of the baby through the birth canal. In this paper the four stages of labor and birth are covered, which all lead up to the delivery of the baby. The signs of approaching labor can be hard to identify in some women. The Braxton-Hicks contractions occur throughout pregnancy and this is the tightening of the uterus that some mistaken as the start of labor. As in the article “Pregnancy” discusses, some signs of starting labor include lower back pain,water break, and bloody mucus discharge. The bloody mucus discharge is a sign of labor because it can be the plug that blocks the cervix. In addition, the water break is a gush or can be just a trickle of amniotic fluid (Pregnancy 2010). When labor is approaching, the body prepares and the baby drops deeper in the pelvis. This drop increases the pressure on the pelvis and uterus of the woman (Obos Pregnancy & Birth Contributors 2011). Starting labor and birth can be unexpected and sometimes involves a water break but not necessarily. Many factors influence the way each woman experiences it and how many hours it will take until the…

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