Children Between The Vietnamese Parents And Foreigner Parents

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All parents in the world understand well that the children need to be educated in the proper way and as soon as possible, especially in childhood and school age. Parents are the first and the most important teachers for children beside the teachers in school. As we known, the behavior and attitude of children in the future is a result of education from their parents. I had a friendly talk with some foreigner parents in past, and I have found some main different points of the way to educate the children between the Vietnamese parents and Foreigner parents. I recognized that the parents in the US, who mostly agree for the children goes to work part-time after learning time in high school, while the Vietnamese parents never want their children go to working with any reasons. They always think that, the student will put more focus on how to earn money for private spending, and obviously, they will lose the concentration of study in school. Additionally, the parents maybe are looked down as “not good parents” by others due to asking the children for money. Contrarily, one of my friends in US, he said his children has been learning a lot from part-time job at Mc Donalds. He has learned much about soft-skills, experiences and how to communication and co-operation with others. However, the US parents also control well what their children do and also limit the working hours to make sure the student have to spend enough time for school.
In connection with this conception of…

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