Essay on Children and Culture

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Children and Culture
HSER 509: Multicultural Issues in Human Services
Liberty University
Instructor: Dr. Mary Cooper
July 3, 2012

Culture plays a huge impact in everyone’s everyday life. Culture helps in identifying members of a particular group who share the same behaviors, beliefs, traditions and values. Children begin to learn the culture of their family at a young age but don’t necessarily understand that everyone isn’t from the same culture and don’t follow the same traditions and values. This paper is going to explore what impact culture has on the lives of young children. What role culture plays in the lives of children who are being raised by parents who are from two different cultures will also be discussed.
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Culture helps children in identifying with a certain group of people and the traditions of those people. So it is very important that parents have a clear understanding of their own individual cultures so that they can be able to teach their children how to fully function within their identified culture and in the world as a whole. Swick (1986) mentions that the involvement of parents in children’s development and learning must include parental awareness of their influence on children’s cultural development (Swick, 1986, p. 72).
In order to teach someone else about your culture, you must be familiar and have proper understanding of your own culture. If parents do not know about their culture or are not comfortable with it, this can potentially lead to their children becoming confused about what culture is and the importance of it. According to Swick (1986) in order for parents to be effective in carrying out a multicultural paradigm with their children, they must be secure in their cultural identity (Swick, 1986, p. 75). If parents are not secure in their own culture they cannot possibly be able to teach their children about culture.
Culture affects the lives of children in a lot of different ways. But it is up to the parents to decide whether or not

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