Childhood Obesity the Health Issue Argumentive Research Paper

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Running Head: Tackling Chilhood Obesity

Addressing The Issue of Childhood Obesity

Kimberly Richmond

Eng 122

Jaclyn Mallan – King

October 28th, 2010

Tackling Childhood Obesity

Ever since the 2001 release of former Surgeon General David Satcher’s groundbreaking

report, “ The Surgeon Generals call to Action to prevent and decrease Overweight and

Obesity,” the pressure on states and communities to address obesity has steadily

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In a Randomized Controlled Trial reducing children’s television viewing to prevent obesity 198 third and fourth grade students, who were given parental consent to participate, 192 students completed the study. Children in one elementary school received an 18 hour lesson, 6 month class room curriculum to reduce television, videotape , and video game use. Changes in measure of height, weight, triceps skin fold thickness, waist and hip circumferences and cardiorespiratory fitness, self reported media use, physical activity, and dietary behaviors, and parental report of child and family behaviors. The primary outcome measure was body mass index, calculated as weight in kilograms divided by the square height in meters. Compared with controls, children in the intervention group had statistically significant relative decreases in body mass index (intervention vs control change) 18.38 to 18.67 kg/m2vs 18.10to 18.81kg/m2, respectively, adjusted difference- 0.45kg/m2 95% confidence interval-0.73 to -0.17, triceps skin fold thickness 14.55 to 15.47mm vs 13.97 to 16.46mm, respectively adjusted difference -1.47mm, waist circumference 60.48 to 63.57 cm vs 59.51 to 64.73 cm respectively adjusted difference -2.30 cm, and waist to hip ratio 0.83 to 0.83 vs 0.82 to 0.84 respectively adjusted difference -0.02. relative to controls,

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