Essay Childhood Obesity By Teaching Elementary School

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Love Your Schools is a program to prevent childhood obesity by teaching elementary school children in Little Rock how to eat properly and stay active, as well as the pros and cons of doing so. I wasn’t sure what to expect when going in for my service learning project; I tried to avoid expecting anything. When I got there, I was pleased with how smoothly everything went.
I was aware ahead of time that I would not be teaching the nutrition plan alone. Two workers from Americorp joined in to help lead the class. They were perfectly professional, while remaining casual enough to make the children feel at ease. They gave me the option to observe the lesson as they taught it, or to participate. I chose to participate and was assigned the first out of 3 sections of the lesson plan: the introduction.
The curriculum involved an introduction recapping what had been taught the previous week, a section dedicated to exercise, and one about healthy eating. The workers assigned to instruct the nutrition lesson with me consisted of one male and one female, both of whom had taught several prior classes.
During the recap, I called on several children to answer various questions that were discussed in the previous week. They were all eager to answer, and everyone was able to get at least one chance to speak.
I was assigned to a fifth grade class at Geyer Springs Gifted and Talented. I expected that it would be difficult to get them involved. However, not only were they involved, but they were…

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