Childhood Obesity And Its Effects Essay

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According to the latest estimates by World Health Organization (WHO) about 2 billion adults are overweight globally and over 600 million of these are obese. 42 million of infants and young children are overweight or obese. Studies proved that 70% obese youths between ages 5-17 years had one risk factor of cardiovascular diseases including increased cholesterol and hypertension, and more chances of pre-diabetic condition, bone and joint problems, sleep apnea, and lack of self-esteem and stigmatization. Children with obesity are more likely to be obese on their adulthood, which increases the same risk for many chronic diseases (Centers for disease control and prevention, 2015). Childhood obesity causes many health issues including cardiovascular disease, insulin resistance, osteoarthritis, increased risk of endometrial/breast/ colon cancer, disability, deterioration in quality of life, and increase in direct and indirect medical expenses. (Shrivastava, Shrivastava, & Ramasamy, 2015). More deaths are encountered due to over weight and obesity than underweight (Centers for disease control and prevention, 2016-2). United States and other countries
One of the biggest health challenges we face in this 21st century is childhood obesity. Almost half of the 42 million overweight children under age 5 lived in Asia and one quarter live in Africa (Centers for disease control and prevention, 2016-1). The overweight children in Africa are almost double in number from 5.4 million in…

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