Childhood Obesity : A Growing Problem Essay

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There is a growing problem in the U.S., obesity. Not just in adults, but now onto children. A whole new generation raised on anything fried, sugar coated and dipped in oil. People will argue that we need to blame the food industry. Putting out all of these new cheap snacks with sugars, fat, gluten and whatever else that’s on the back of the nutrition’s fact label. That’s not the complete case. Childhood obesity can be prevented, all with healthy lifestyle choice by parents limiting the amount of fast food and junk and encouraging physical activates, schools providing healthier food options and educating students on a healthy lifestyle.
In 2014 America ranked in at number one in obesity, China coming in at number two, following India, Russia, and Brazil. What is obesity by definition? Your Body Mass Index or BMI can measure obesity; it’s a measuring of your age, gender, weight, weight class and height. Studies showed that almost 32% of children between the ages of 2-19 are considered to be overweight or obese. Young girls being 30%, and young boys getting 33%. Ethnicity plays a role as well. More than 41% of Black and Hispanic youth are considered obese. Determining obesity between younger children is a little harder, so focusing on the ages between 6 and 19, White youth with 15.2%, Hispanic youth at almost 23% and Black at almost 26%.
Obesity has risks. These risk include heart disease, type 2 diabetes, fatty liver disease, and high blood pressure. Fast food companies’…

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