Childhood Memories Of My Life Essay example

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In our world it is common to complain about present complications and center our attention on the undesirable events that occur in our lives. The majority of us do not realize that although certain periods of our diminutive lifetime can be difficult to endure, we grow stronger through the harsh trials. In my perspective, problems such as bullying, paranoia, and death are the leading causes of difficult trials in my life, and overcoming them took time and understanding. The early stages of my young life were ruled and controlled by my irrational and unusually strong fears, but in my recent time span I have learned how to conquer and move past the issues tethering me down. It is a sad fact that some of my childhood memories contain unpleasant accounts of being bullied and tormented by peers of my brother. As I was growing up, I viewed my brother as an example and consistently wanted to be with him wherever he went. We would go to his friend’s house on multiple occasions and while we were there his friend would constantly tease and mock me. Any time I tried to stand up for myself he would have something stronger to retort back. My brother rarely ever defended me or even acknowledge the fact that I was not handling the disparaging criticism well, possibly because he knew they were just words and that I was being sensitive, and also because I was an annoyance to him. Although I loathed being picked on, this example of negativity and bullying has made me robust and has…

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