Childbirth Is The Main Reason For Hospitalization And Accounts For More Than $ 16 Billion

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In the U.S., childbirth is the main reason for hospitalization and accounts for more than $16 billion in hospital costs every year. Of the more than 4 million U.S. births a year, approximately 140,000 involve the use of assistive vaginal delivery techniques. Although tools to assist in delivery have been utilized for decades, birth injuries related to the use of these devices are still possible. For example, the vacuum-extraction tool is beneficial during a difficult delivery; however, its use can cause several medical issues if it is used improperly.
A Vacuum Extraction – The Procedure

When an obstetrician decides to use a vacuum extractor, he or she applies a cup to the baby’s head: This cup is placed during a contraction. The cup is placed on the top and back of the baby’s head. Suction is used to assist the mother in birthing her baby.
A Vacuum Extraction Can Needlessly Risk the Health of the Baby

The Federal Drug Administration (FDA) warns against using vacuum extractors for some deliveries.

According to the FDA, vacuum extraction should not be considered if the mother is not completely dilated or when the baby:

Is too large to pass through the mother’s pelvis area. Requires repositioning for a proper vaginal delivery. Is relatively high in the birth canal. Is 34 weeks gestation or older.

Birth Injuries Related to Vacuum Extraction

Birth injuries vary and correlate directly with how the extractor was used; however, typical injuries to the baby…

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