Child 's Background And Development History Essay

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Child’s Background and Development History

“Lina” is an eight- year old female student in the second grade. She is currently in an inclusive classroom and has been classified as an emotionally disturbed student. She has no physical heath issues nor did she experience any prenatal complications. Lina attends weekly therapy sessions outside of school and has access to meet with the school psychiatrist and/or social worker during the school day. These meetings are not regularly scheduled and usually occur after or during an incident. However, the school psychiatrist does meet with small groups of students with special needs twice per month and Lina is a part of these group meetings. Lina has imaginary friends, has stated that dolls have spoken to her, and believes that her “real” family is in heaven and that her current parents are the “ fake ones”. Lina has been known to talk to herself. She is not on any medication nor has she been diagnosed with a specific mental illness.
Lina’s mother is Hispanic and her father is European-American. Lina’s parents were never married and have a very contentious relationship. Lina’s father has transitioned to a gay lifestyle and is currently living in homeless housing in the city. Lina will readily bring up her fathers “new” sexuality during conversations. For example, when asked how her weekend was, she will become very excited and eagerly describe the activity she participated in, whether it was watching a movie, or going to the…

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