Essay on Child Soldier International ( 2015 ) Defines Child Soldiers

1579 Words Apr 26th, 2015 7 Pages
Child Soldiers
Aaron Hosszu
Professor L. Reidel
Conestoga College

INTRODUCTION Child Soldiers International (2015) defines child soldiers as any person who is below eighteen years of age or younger that has been recruited by a military force for the purpose of fighting. The child soldiers are also forced to act as cooks, porters, messengers, plant or remove land mines, act as spies, indulge on suicide missions, or forced into sexual slavery (Child Soldiers International, 2015). Hundreds of thousands of boys and girls are abducted or forced by government, rebel groups, or paramilitaries to participate in armed conflicts around the world. Other children elect to join out of fear, to escape poverty, or to guarantee daily food and survival. Alarming numbers of child soldiers are under the age of ten, with some children being as young as eight years old (Human Rights Watch, 2015). Today, child soldiers continue to be a major concern internationally, as these children are stripped of their human rights and are forced to fight. International legislation has been established to protect these children. However, government, rebel, and paramilitary forces ignore the consequences and an absence of enforcement allows the recruitment of child soldiers to continue. Besides sending in military forces, is society doing enough to prevent the use of child soldiers? This paper will determine why child soldiers are an issue by looking at human rights and legislation.…

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