Essay on Child Sexual Abuse On Children

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Every time you watch news related to child sexual abuse on TV or read such incidents in newspapers, you feel devastated. You get upset, worry about the crazy times you live in and even shed tears thinking about the plight of victims, especially if you have a child at home. You may be taking the measures to protect your children from sexual abuse by talking to them and asking them to stay away from strangers. But even the most educated Indian parents harbor certain myths about child sexual abuse that can come in the way of safeguarding children against abuse. In this article we are busting top 10 myths and misconceptions parents have about child sexual abuse.
Myth 1: Sexual abuse is committed by people who are total strangers to my child. If I ask my child to stay away from strangers, she will be safe.
This is one of the most dangerous assumptions parents have about child sexual abuse. You may be asking your child to stay away from strangers, not to let strangers in when she is alone at home and refuse foods or drinks offered by them. But unfortunately these measures don’t guarantee your child’s safety. Recent reports on child sexual abuse reveal that more than 80 per cent of cases involved perpetrators whom children personally knew. In many cases the attackers were trusted family members, family friends, acquaintances or neighbors. People who are known to your child have the most opportunity, most trust and most access to perpetuate abuse than people who are total strangers.…

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