Child Sex And Human Trafficking Essay

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Child sex and human trafficking is more prominent and recognized today in the United States than it has ever been. Sex trafficking “occurs when someone uses force, fraud, or coercion to cause a commercial sex act with an adult or causes a minor to commit a commercial sex act” (Shared Hope, 2016). A commercial sex act includes pornography, the act of sex (prostitution), or any other sex act in exchange for some type of compensation, including money, drugs, or basic human needs such as shelter, clothing, or food. Children are lured into the sex trafficking world through social media/social networks, their neighborhood, the internet, and school. The pimps/traffickers are able to lure them through promising them protection, love, an adventure, a home, and opportunity. One of the main reasons that children cannot get out of the sex trade is because their trafficker uses fear, violence, threats, and intimidation to make sure that they comply to whatever the trafficker asks (Shared Hope 2016).
Child sex trafficking continues to be a social problem because the demand for child sex acts continues to rise and is fueled by the constant exchange of money for sex acts to the people who harbor the children. The number of pimps and traffickers continues to rise because people see that they can make money off of this illegal trade of children (Shared Hope 2016). Additionally, child sex trafficking is a social problem because it has stayed steady over time. Sex trafficking has been known to…

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