Child Rearing Practices That Affect Children 's Life Outcomes

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Raising children is one of the toughest and most fulfilling jobs in the world. Unfortunately, this seems to be a job that some may feel the least prepared for. I would convey to my friend about parenting styles and how she can be involved in rearing her child in the future. Parenting style has a big impact on how children develop into adults, and there are important implications for their future success. The way parents and/or guardians raise their children can affect how successful they will be later in life. According to psychologist Nancy Darling, in the article "Parenting Style and Its Correlates,"
“Child psychology researchers identify four different types of child rearing practices that affect children 's life outcomes. Differences among the four parenting styles lie mainly in whether a parent creates many or few rules for his child and whether a parent is emotionally responsive or neglectful” (Alexander, 2013). Indulgent parents make few attempts to direct their children 's behavior (Arnett, 2012). They avoid confrontation with their children and allow their children to make most decisions for themselves (Arnett, 2012). Indulgent parents also tend to be particularly responsive to their children 's needs. According to Nancy Darling, Ph.D., in the article "Parenting Style and Its Correlates,"
“Children brought up by indulgent parents have more behavior problems and lower grades, but tend to have higher self-esteem” (Alexander, 2013). Authoritarian parents…

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