Child Protection Essay

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This essay examines the legislation, policy and carepractice relevant to the case study of Sebastian and Belle Yanovsky, and theirparents Ms. Jo Butler and Mr. Zalman Yanovsky. The main issues for discussionare: the legislation relevant to the case study, the role of the family courtsystem, the role of the 'looked after' children review system, child protectioncase conferences, the criminal justice system, and the practical issues whicharise from these. The purpose of the essay is to analyze each of these areas tosee how they are intended to contribute to the protection and welfare ofSebastian and Belle Yanovsky. The essay also examines closely how the variousagencies and services involved in the care of Sebastian and Belle …show more content…
A family court can be convened under two sets ofcircumstances as outlined in The Children Act 1989: in the first instanceare private law cases where two parents dispute in court rights to custody of achild or children. The second instance is that of public cases where the stateon the advice of care agencies seek custody of a child or children. In bothpublic and private law cases the responsibility of the court is to decide whois most fit to care for and support the child or children in question. Inpublic cases the family court hears evidence and recommendations from socialservice workers, doctors, mental health workers and other professionals. Thisevidence is intended to evince the potential risk that the child or childrenare exposed to. If the family court finds that the potential risk to the childor children is too high then the court may rule that custody should be removedfrom the parents and given - either temporarily or permanently - to the State(Schepard, 2004). Such children are referred to as 'looked after' children, andprovision for such children has been the subject of much recent governmentdiscussion and legislation. Family courts have recently been the subject ofmuch controversy and criticism. The 'Fathers 4 Justice' campaign hasbeen particularly prominent and is scarifying of the tendency of family courtsto seemingly always grant custody to mothers and

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