Child Observation Report

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I observed a facility which accommodates infants to school aged children. The classroom I observed was a two year old class. The class consisted of eight children, I chose to closely observe a child named K. When I entered the room, she immediately acknowledged and spoke to me. I was told she was the oldest in the class and I could tell this by her social and language development, as well as the leadership qualities that she possessed. The caregiver in the classroom had been with the children for several years and this was apparent by how secure the children appeared, how encouraging she was to all the students with varying needs, and how she provided many opportunities for self-learning and self-regulation. It appeared the children received high-quality, responsive care which is critical for the attachment process.
Upon entering the classroom the children were cleaning up from using play-doh at the table and getting ready for circle time. The caregiver read
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She was able to walk up and down stairs without assistance and perform stretches and exercises along with the music. In the playground, she was able to climb into a swing and attempt to swing by herself. Her fine motor skills consisted of being able to put on and take off her shoes and correctly hold her utensils while she ate her lunch. She even assisted the caregiver by carrying full plates of food to the other children at that table. She was able to turn the pages of her books during her reading and was able to write with a crayon, although this skill was not completely developed. This shows Gonzalez- Mena’s principal 10 in action; be concerned about the quality of development in each stage. Don’t rush infants and toddlers to reach developmental milestones (p 145). The child was encouraged to practice self-help skills learned and given the equipment and choices to practice these

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