Essay on Child Neglect And A Lack Of Proper Care Provided By Parents

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Child neglect and a lack of proper care provided by parents are some of the most disturbing problems America faces. Despite the awareness, drug abuse with parents continues to rise and the child foster care system is flooded with children in desperate need of foster homes and case advocates. Court Appointed Special Advocates (CASA) does the best that they can to advocate for neglected children in the courtroom. This paper will address the history of CASA and an analysis of its effectiveness. There are many challenges the foster care system faces and the Court Appointed Special Advocate program has effectively worked to support the goal of helping abused children and neglected children by placing them in the right home. The foster care system in America was created to ensure care of children. Parents become involved with this system if neglect or abuse is reported to authorities. The purpose of this system is to protect and help children, provide homes that are safe, and sometimes arrange adoption for children if needed. The purpose of CASA is to advocate on a child’s behalf if they are mistreated, a volunteer CASA will advocate for the best outcome for the child. Children’s advocacy can be defined as social advocacy when our community gets involved to promote the well being of a child and protects the rights of the child when they are victimized. In the article, Case Advocacy in Child Welfare, Pat Litzerfelner discussed the two types of advocacy, social and case advocacy.…

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