Essay about Child Maltreatment Is A Huge Problem

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Child maltreatment is a huge problem in the United States that many people don’t like to speak about, especially here in Kentucky. Perhaps that’s because there are many ways to explain the term ‘child maltreatment,’ or when the subject is brought up, many people cringe and want to look the other way. Being a child welfare worker isn’t the first job choice for many. However, for some individuals, like myself, child welfare is a field that is of great interest. Those with positions in the field must possess qualities like empathy, patience, resilience, and persistence. Child welfare is a very tough field for those working in it, however, it is a very rewarding and misunderstood career. First, many individuals don’t know what the term child maltreatment means and what all it entails. If I was to explain to someone what that term meant I would describe that it has multiple different aspects. Acts of child maltreatment can be carried out by either the parent or caregiver of the child, or an unrelated individual. These acts are detrimental to the child and are potentially harmful to them physically, cognitively, and emotionally. Child maltreatment entails all types of harm to a child including all sorts of neglect and physical abuse. I would also describe child maltreatment as sexual abuse and the exploitation of children. Even these different types of child maltreatment can be explained further. Looking specifically at the act of neglect, there are many different…

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