Child Labour And The Industrial Revolution Essay

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Child Labour was a very big issue for the Industrial Revolution as it was very brutal and cruel century for any child at the under of 4 all the way up to teenage. As it made a lot of them get any possible food or money on the family table, (Sometimes the children did not get any money sometimes), But as it shows on many internet websites, And documentary it shows that the Environment of where the children had to work was very dirty and also dangerous as they had very large machinery. Dirty rubbish was everywhere in Great Britain, There was also the very toxic oxygen that they breathe in there incident lungs that made many of the children sick and also leading to death. Not any child got taught education in the village which made it a lot harder because the kids didn’t know what the signs were saying like “Dangerous” or even “Keep away for any child”. We as people need to make a stand to any type of child labour in the world right now, Children in Asia, Africa, and Latin America still make kids work for many and many of the kids are still dying because of work area injuries.
What changes occurred in Child labour during the industrial Revolution?
The treatment of the children in the factories was often very cruel and unusually, and the children safety was generally neglected. The youngest children, who were not old enough to work the very big machinery, they were commonly sent to be assistants to textiles workers. The people who served the children would brutally beat them,…

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