Child Labor And Its Effects On Children Essay

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“There are 168 million children worldwide trapped in child labor, accounting for almost 11 percent of the overall child population: 100 million boys and 68 million girls. Around half are engaged in hazardous work.”( In second and third world countries around the world, children are put to work in big named companies factories. Such companies include Nike and H&M. These children are forced to work in harmful conditions with unlivable wages. Around 20,000 children die a year because they are working in these conditions, which hardly ever get cleaned or fixed. The United States, and other countries around the globe should not buy any product assembled or made by a child working in these conditions. This is because they are getting paid low wages, their physical and emotional well being is put into danger, and these children are not given the opportunity to have a proper education. First and foremost the children working in these factories are getting paid extremely low wages. According to the 1998 article, Nike Pledges to End Child Labor And Apply U.S. Rules Abroad, “"Nike and other American companies pay workers in China and Vietnam less than $2 a day and workers in Indonesia less than $1 a day.(A 1996 World Bank report concluded that more that more than one-fifth of the world 's population lives on less than $1 a day.)Still, even with much lower prices in these countries, critics say workers need to make at least $3 a day to achieve adequate living…

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