Essay about Child Is A Single Parent

1232 Words Nov 12th, 2015 null Page
Being a single parent is often viewed as something different, something seemingly impossible, and something that nobody really wants to be. Unfortunately it’s becoming something that’s so common that more and more children are being raised by one parent instead of two. These days’ society has children growing up to become more emotionally stable and successful whether or not they had one or two parents to show them the rocky path that life bestows upon all people while growing up. So do children really need both parents? Do they really need the mother figure growing up, or the father figure just as much? What about step parents, and the government? How much help can one person get, and do they really need it? Raising a child properly does not rely on the structure of the family but it should be more focused on the values that need to be taught to every child growing up. Children of single parents are the same as children with two parents because they can be just as emotionally and socially progressive while also having the appropriate behavioral skills as those with two parents.
People believe that to gain the emotional part of growing up relies on having the two parents while growing up. A lot of emotions come with love. So how can a child know exactly what love is without seeing two people so helplessly in love with each other every day? It’s all about the values that you teach them while they grow up and enter the awkward stage we have all been through when we feel that…

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