Child Free By Choice Summary

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The article “Child Free By Choice” written by Kelly J. Welch, a professor of sociology at Kansas State University. Though enlightening to the social climate, this is one of the saddest pieces of writing I have read. This article explains the reasons both famous and common citizens alike choose to abstain from conceiving children. Unfortunately, it does expose how self-absorbed both men and women are in this age. One thing that people that do not have children think of is their own personal gain. Another of the justifications this article puts forth is that several of the men and women interviewed, believe that the environment would suffer from an expanded populated world. Also, another is the chase for the all mighty dollar. Lastly, there is the medical argument. I will be arguing that to not have children is potentially robbing society of anything from a great leader, to simply a great parent.

Firstly, I will look into the narcissism of the people portrayed in this piece. The only thing thought of by these people are themselves. The reasons given for abstaining form having children are that the adults involved want to have “me” time with each other or they want to be free to spend their money however they want. The worst excuse is that they don't want the responsibilities associated with a child. (Although
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Both personal belief and legitimate medical cases, but instead of an unbiased opinion, she gives a slanted view, playing on the reader's emotional state. In one section of the text she states, “A close friend of mine desperately desired to be a mother, but because she is a carrier of an always-fatal type of Muscular Dystrophy, she opted to remain childless (Welch pg.282 p7).” This tone carries throughout this piece, letting the audience presume that she endorses this choice. To avoid biased writing, she could include that one could adopt, or engage an egg donor and receive in vitro

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