Piaget's Theory Of Factor Analysis

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As children grow older, they go through a process labeled as child development. When a child develops throughout his or her life, they hit milestones referred to as developmental stages. With childhood development, comes theories of development that provide a framework for thinking about human growth, development, and learning.
The Six-Substages of the Sensorimotor stage are characterized by a general cognitive structure that affects all of the child 's thinking. Development from one stage to the next is dependent upon the child 's understanding of the environment in that particular stage. Piaget believed that children’s thinking doesn’t come all at once but instead at different points. He discussed schemes which describe mental and physical
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Charles Spearman is one of the four theorist or psychologists that talk about intelligence in children. Spearman suggested that a child who excels in one area generally shows the capacity to excel in others. Robert Sternberg views intelligence as three- pronged: having analytical, creative and practical aspects (Ruthus 395). Howard Gardner, another theorist, argued that there are many forms of intelligence. He believes that these intelligences are based at different parts of the brain and are reflective of more than academic ability. Louis Thurstone used factor analysis and concluded that intelligence consists of several specific factors, which he termed primary and mental abilities. Children have certain affinities for things, such as, a child could be able to rhyme words but not solve math problems. Theories of Intelligence shaped early childhood education and child development by studying children and their intelligence. It allows us to see that children have different thought processes and that they can be talented in one way but not another. It helps show how children should be educated and teaches us that some of the tests children take, like the SAT, have nothing to do with education but with the working

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