Essay on Child Beauty Pageants : Moral Or Immoral?

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Child Beauty Pageants: Moral or Immoral?

In today’s society, beauty is deemed mostly as physical appearance especially for women. Movies, billboards, and magazines all exhibit attractive people, beauty must be everything. In the competitive world of Beauty Pageants, rivalry for the most beautiful girl is most relevant. Pageants are becoming extremely popular, particularly child beauty pageants due to the diversity that pageants offer. There is a spectrum of pageants in which contestants can compete in such as glitz, semi glitz, and natural. Pageants compromise the participants with different categories in which they compete in like talent, swimwear, photogenic, introduction, or formal wear and offer rewards and prizes in return. Pageants can help build self-confidence, happiness and promote positive competition within young girls or do they really? The children of child beauty pageants are judged on how well they display themselves on stage through physical beauty and inner beauty. While mothers and parents may present their child’s beauty through their talents in order to get a modeling contract from a known agency or self-confidence within the child, presenting oneself effortlessly and flawlessly in front of a huge crowd of people sounds like it does no harm, but from the full faced makeup, hair extensions and grown up costumes, Parents can subject their children to exposure and publicity when the exploitation of a child raises a concern. Child beauty pageants provide…

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