Child Beauty Pageants: Moral Or Immoral?

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Child Beauty Pageants: Moral or Immoral?

In today’s society, beauty is deemed mostly as physical appearance especially for women. Movies, billboards, and magazines all exhibit attractive people, beauty must be everything. In the competitive world of Beauty Pageants, rivalry for the most beautiful girl is most relevant. Pageants are becoming extremely popular, particularly child beauty pageants due to the diversity that pageants offer. There is a spectrum of pageants in which contestants can compete in such as glitz, semi glitz, and natural. Pageants compromise the participants with different categories in which they compete in like talent, swimwear, photogenic, introduction, or formal wear and offer rewards and prizes in return. Pageants
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Many pageants such as natural pageants require participants to let the children act their age and require children to dress and wear no-make up making sure each child’s natural beauty is reflected in the competition and is considered a positive way for young girls to get on stage and have fun playing dress up. Former pageant champion ,Mari Wilensky and author of “Former Child Beauty Queen” is asked about her experience as a child beauty pageant winner and how she won over 250 crowns and trophies all before the age of eight. She stated, “I enjoyed going to pageants because I got to meet new people…I loved to sing and perform while being on stage” (Huffington Post). Participating in pageants at an early age may help children to overcome stage fright and public speaking and like Wilensky she was able to showcase her singing ability and ended up making friends with some of the contestants, even though she competed with them she was able to gain good memories about the …show more content…
The cost of entering into a child beauty pageant is ridiculously expensive. A glitz pageant, which is the most popular of child beauty pageants includes head to toe transformation which consists of everything from artificial teeth known as flippers to eyebrow plucking. Child glitz pageants can run up to $2,000 to $5,000 per competition. The expenses include the entry and photo fees, accommodation, hair and makeup professionals, pageant coaches, and training programs. The dilemma that parents face is that some prefer to spend thousandths on pageant expenses and little to none on

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