Child Bearing And The Way Essay

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As we go through history class after history class, as students we realize that life and lifestyles have changed. If you haven’t noticed but not in every year of this earths existence did they have an iPhone or a flat screen television. The way the household has changed over the years also family values have changed as well. People get married these days because two people love one another. Child bearing and the way it is conducted has some differences but in child bearing it is mostly the same in all time frames. For example: Paleolithic time people married for who could provide more for each other. Now that was the beginning of comparing the two time frames. You will see in this paper that there are a lot of different changes. Now get ready to go even deeper in how the present and paleolithic differ and how they are similar. In the Paleolithic time period power was determined by who brought more of a benefit. Males usually made tools for example: projectile points were often tied onto a spear. They were used for projection as well as to hunt. Males usually hunted and gathered. They brought the food back to the females so the females could prepare the meal. Females also cleaned the house up, made sure everything ran smooth. We dicussed in class in some rare occasions some women did have the power over the male. Now days there is not one dominant over the other. Females and males now take on the roles of being the “bread winner.” Males help with the housework and the…

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