Child Abuse Is A Problem Within Many Families Essay

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Child Abuse

When it comes to the topic of child abuse, most of us will readily agree that child abuse is a problem within many families. Where this agreement usually ends, however, is on the question of whether an abuser is destined to be an abuser because he/she was abused as a child. Whereas some are convinced that an abused child will have a higher chance of being abusive to children as an adult, others maintain that a child can learn from the abuse and avoid becoming the abuser to children. While some abused children manage to break the cycle when they become parents, I contend that many abused children grow up to be abusive parents.
Some parents break the cycle and don’t abuse their children. There are some parents that were abused as a child yet with the proper knowledge and structure they can break the abusive cycle yet this is a learning process just as much and it is for a child. In the article, Providing Structure for your Child: How to assert your Parental Authority, Eugester maintains that “The stronger the parent-child relationship, the more your child will want to behave in ways that are close to your own values and to not disappoint you. Understanding the importance of the parent-child relationship on the effectiveness of discipline strategies can be neatly summed up through the concept of reciprocity in parent-child relationships. Reciprocity means that a parent who shows a willingness to cooperate with a child will encourage the child 's willingness to…

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