Child Abuse Is A Global Problem Essay examples

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No one should ever be treated as anything less than human. It is a tragedy to see any human being, especially children die, injured, helpless, or hopeless because of abuse. Child abuse is a global problem in today’s society, and the real tragedy is not many make this action preventable in order to protect the victim. The Ayuda a Niños y Adolescentes en Riesgo Foundation exemplifies how an individual’s point of view can influence how they perceive child abuse by using a reflective board which changes based on the physical angle at which an individual views the sign. Through rhetorical appeals, the ANAR Foundation ad “Only for Children” argues that people will only visualize child abuse from their own perspective, rather than from the viewpoint of a victim. The ANAR Foundation gives adolescents a safe place to contact an individual when they are in need, or when trouble comes. ANAR’s purpose of this advertisement is to increase the awareness and further prevention of child abuse, and display a cry for help for those calling for it. Therefore, the imagery can bring out the emotions from kids that understand child abuse by looking at the picture of a young boy with dark red bruises on his face and cut-up lip. A kid who has never experienced any form of abuse would be confused to why his face is fill with bruises and a disparity look in his eyes. These emotions come from their sensitive side, because those who suffer from child abuse understand and call for help, versus those…

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