Child Abuse During America 's Heartland Essay

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It’s a story heard all too often in the news. “Tonight, we bring you a disturbing report of child abuse turned fatal in America’s heartland.” As the reporter on the local news continues, a picture of a vibrant, smiling young girl flashes across the screen. “Authorities say a little girl, who just turned 3 years old, was beaten to death by the hands of her own father.” Children all across America are abused every day, and unfortunately some do not survive. Of those who do survive and make it through the abuse, what kind of mental anguish do they suffer with? Is it ongoing day in and day out for the rest of their lives? There are many different types of abuse that children are made to suffer for example; physical abuse, sexual abuse and mental abuse, just to name a few. Abuse at the hands of others leaves children scarred both physically and mentally. Sometimes these scars can take anywhere from a couple months or an entire lifetime to heal. If not dealt with correctly the mental scars can result in substance abuse, abuse of loved ones, self-loathing, and even suicide.
Child abuse, in all aspects, is an epidemic across America and many other countries in the world as well. The children that are abused are more likely to have problems that carry with them into adulthood. The National Research Council (NRC) estimates that 6 million children are involved in cases of child abuse or neglect (New Directions in Child Abuse and Neglect Research 17). A majority of those 6…

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