Essay on Child Abuse And Neglect Of Children

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Numerous studies show that child abuse and neglect happen to many children but most of these cases are not reported or known of. This might be because it is difficult for young children to report a problem that is going on in their lives; out of fear or the misconception that what is happening is okay. When something of this manner is reported, it may be argued as false because it is coming from a child who could have indeed suffered abuse but could be wrong about specific events and even about the person accused (Goodman, Bottoms, Rudy, Davis, & Schwartz-Kenney, 2001). Children tend to have fogy memories, especially traumatic ones.
In the United States alone, more than 8 million children have at least one parent who is involved in substance abuse (Donohue et al, 2014). Most abuse and neglect occurs due to living with a parent who abuses substances. Substance abuse makes it difficult for parents to raise their children in a proper healthy environment. This causes children to be at a higher risk of being unsupervised and more exposed to dangerous surroundings (Donohue et al, 2014). Parents may go through unemployment, the separation of the household or separation of the parents (Donohue et al, 2014). Parents who maltreat their children tend to isolate themselves and their families from others, so that they seem normal. This exposes children to fewer or no parental models of emotional communication (Pollak, Cicchetti, Hornung, & Reed, 2000). Child neglect is…

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