Child Abuse And Its Effect On Children Essay

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Child abuse is any kind of harm to a child by any older person or the caregiver of the child. The harm can be physical, emotional or sexual harm. Some forms of child abuse include sexual abuse, neglect, and physical abuse. Some of the signs of child abuse include physical injury or change in the behavior of the child. If one detects the occurrence of child abuse on a child, they can report to the relevant authorities or take personal action of stopping the act. Teachers and parents are better positioned to detect child abuse caused by other people on a child Key words: Child, abuse, neglect, physical, emotional, sexual, harm.

Child abuse is said to have taken place when a child has been harmed. The cause of the harm is when the person responsible for taking care of the child either fails to act causing harm or acts causing harm to the child. The harm can be on the physical body of the child, or emotional. Sexual harm on the child either physically or emotionally is also considered as child abuse. There are different forms in which child abuse can occur. Emotional abuse is when the emotions of the child have been hurt. Hurting the emotions of a child can be through continuous criticism, ignoring or even isolating the child, among others. Exposing a child to violent environments can also cause emotional pain. Emotional abuse is also mainly caused by the presence of other forms of abuse. This form of abuse does not display the effects immediately but when the…

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