Child Abuse And Domestic Violence Essay

1462 Words Apr 27th, 2016 null Page
Elder abuse is become more and more prevalent within our society and is developing into a serious concern comparable to child abuse and domestic violence. Elderly abuse is when an older adult, generally the age of 60 years old and older, is enduring suffering and direct harm from the actions of others. The rates of elder abuse are incredibly hefty, however, the incidences of abuse are unrated within media and governmental agencies as cases generally do not have criminal action, in which “over a period of 6 months, nine local authorities reported 639 abuse cases… however, just five cases resulted in a criminal prosecution” (2). Regardless of an individual’s age, abuse plays a dramatic role on the mindset and emotional state of the individual and can have a long-lasting negative impact on the individual’s development and overall health. Although there are numerous types of abuse the older adult may endure, the most direct and damaging to the individual is physical abuse. Physical abuse has been reported for appropriately “4.3% of older adults (equivalent to 1.6 million older Americans) (4). Another saddening factor in elder abuse is the recognition that abusers are those whom the older adult commonly interacts with, such children, spouses, live-in caregivers, and also staff among health care facilities. Although there is a general discrepancy between the rates of abuse for male and females, with females demonstrating higher rates of abuse than males there seems to be a…

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