Essay about Chief Principal And Vice Principal

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ways that our principal and vice principal holds all accountable for their actions legally and ethically. First, our senior leadership provides training on school wide procedures, duties, responsibilities, and then presents each employee with a copy of the handbook that contains all said procedures, duties, and responsibilities. The senior leadership then requires all employees to read and familiarize themselves with the staff handbook and then sign an accountability page at the back of the handbook. Employees are then required to provide the senior leadership with a copy of the signed accountability sheets thus signifying that they have read and agree to the terms therein. Another way that our senior leadership holds employees responsible is by using checklists that allow for tracking of rules, responsibilities, regulations, and procedures. When employees are doing their job the senior leadership notes it and moves on. If an employee forgets or makes a mistake for whatever reason, our senior leadership requires them to have a face to face reinforcement session dealing with procedures, regulations, and several other legal and ethical behaviors at our institution.
C4. Improvement of Process Our school leadership could improve the process of holding employees responsible for their actions dealing with legal and ethical behavers in several ways. I will address a couple of ways leadership could improve the process. First, our school leadership in particular our…

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