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Carcinogenic Chemical Product:
Fire Retardants
Fire safety is a vital part of the modern technological society and as responsible citizens it is important to recognise that, with the aid of fire retardants, there is a prolong time frame of escaping from fires. This widely used carcinogenic product is composed of certain chemical elements within numerous everyday products (either inside the polymeric material or as an external layer) that help combat the ignition through chemical reactions at particular phases in the combustion cycle. Fire retardants are classified as reactive (which is combined into polymers through chemical reactions) or additive (combined into the compounds through physical mixing). Fire retardants composite of the following elements such as bromine, chlorine, antimony phosphorus, nitrogen, boron, and aluminum (Lyons, 1970; Cullis and Hirschler, 1981; Hirschler, 1982). The chemicals utilized have a reaction that takes place which involves solid, liquid and gas state in the form of both chemical as well as physical as the different chemical intervene with combustion through decomposition, single displacement and double displacement. The utilization of fire retardants assures human, animals and all living things the protection of ignitable objects such as structural buildings, equipment, mode of transport, electrical uses, hence, saving their life and property. Society have many good reasons to use fire retardants efficiently and effectively.
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