Cheerleading Sport

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Girls are being thrown up into the air over 30 feet high while doing a trick, and still the NCAA is not considering competitive cheerleading a sport. Cheerleading has come a long way from just looking sexy in cheer uniforms to high level stunting. It has evolved into a very dangerous and competitive sport. Competitive cheerleading is considered to be very challenging both mentally and physically. The criterion below will prove that competitive cheerleading should absolutely be considered a sport. A physical exercise will be considered a sport if it meets the criterion which includes a final score that encompasses a winner, being physically and mentally challenging using skill and coordination, and having a set of rules that are practiced to …show more content…
Many people want to say that competitive cheerleading is not a sport because all one does is scream chants, dance around, and look sexy, but a cheerleader does that and a lot more. They need to recognize that being a cheerleader takes a lot of skill and coordination. Their job is to get crowds pumped, not show any fear when being tossed up into the air, and show no pain when throwing a girl 30 feet into the air. Cheerleaders make stunting look easy, but they need to understand that it is harder than most sports. Of course people will have their own preconceive opinions, but before they start making conclusions they need to throw a girl into the air with a smile on their face or try being the one that is thrown up 30 feet. But in the end its obvious that their opinion does not matter if cheerleading is considered a sport or not. Everyone will believe what they want to believe or transfer their judgement from a previous experience that will create their reasoning. Not everyone will agree and that’s okay, that’s why there is criterion to make that determination. The criteria that has been set fourth proves that competitive cheerleading is considered a sport they may not agree, but they need to accept

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