Essay on Cheerleading Is Not A Sport

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In today’s society it is argued among people and athletes themselves that cheerleading is not a sport: however I believe otherwise. People feel this way because when they first hear cheerleading they think, pep rally’s or sideline football cheerleading. Instead of knowing cheerleading they go off of the stereotype. A sport is considered an activity involving physical exertion and skill in which an individual or team competes against another or others for entertainment. Cheerleading involves a team that involves more than physical activity than any other sport. Cheerleading also has a combination of a different sport, which is gymnastics so thats two in one. Cheerleaders are known to be the promoters of a school or even a community. This is one kind of cheerleading, which gives people the idea cheerleading isnt a sport. Then theres competitive cheer that if people were to attempt on their own will then consider it a sport. You think cheerleading is not a sport
People have been cheering since the founding of sports, but cheerleading wasn’t organized until the late 1800’s. The first official cheer was performed in 1883, at Princeton University in
Princeton, New Jersey. There was a person in Princeton’s audience named Mark Peebles that brought cheerleading back to University of Minnesota. Mark then took the lead by leading the University of Minnesota during football games. He also created a set of cheers to perform. Then a Minnesota student Johnny Campbell took cheerleading to…

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