Essay on Cheerleading : Cheerleading Is A Sport

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Cheerleading is a Sport Cheerleading is a controversial topic when it comes to being classified as a sport. Cheerleading has been around one hundred plus years. Cheerleading did not used to be as developed as it is today— just like many other sports into today’s culture. Some of today 's celebrities, such as George Bush, started their glory days being a cheerleader. The definition of cheerleading is in the name itself-- to lead cheers. There are different types of cheerleading such as spirit basketball, spirit football, high school competition, and competitive club cheerleading. All of which have different skill levels and qualifications. Most high schools offer many different types of cheerleading and not all classify as a sport in some people 's eyes. Spirit cheerleading is a group or a squad of girls and sometimes boys that cheer on another sport. When squads are cheering for another sport they are not considered a sport, but when they are cheering for a purpose, to win, they are classified as a sport. The “spirit” squads of cheerleading are not qualified as a sport. To be qualified as a sport, there has to be some sort of athletic requirements, competition, and teamwork. Competitive cheerleading, high school or club, is a sport that requires more athleticism that many see therefore, being qualified as a true sport. There are different levels of cheerleading that come with skill and age. Higher the level, the more athletic and intense the sport can become. Competitive…

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