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Che Guevara: The Man and The Myth
Many will call me an adventurer- and that I am, only one of a different sort; one of those who risks his skin to prove his platitudes. ---Che Guevara.
Who was Ernesto “Che” Guevara and why did he chose to live the life of a revolutionary when he could have been an affluent doctor in Buenos Aires? Why was he to always be a “foreigner” when he loved his Argentina? What motivated him to leave his opportune life in an aristocratic family to attempt to achieve a better world for others? Che was a man with a lust for battle. No matter what he attempted, he went for it with everything he could possible give. But, what did he accomplish in that life? When his life is examined and his endeavors looked at
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Che was educated by his mother at home due to his health issues. She taught him to love to read and learn. He journaled throughout his life, leaving a legacy of his adventures and personal thought. Ernesto went to college and was planning to be an engineer, but during his time at college in Córdoba, his grandmother fell ill and he moved to the capital city to care for her. When she died, he made a decision to change his plans and attend the Faculty of Medicine of Buenos Aires to become a doctor where he studied to find a cure to his asthma as well as his mother’s cancer and the cause of his grandmother’s stroke.
Ernesto’s travels began with a trip to discover his America. He and Alberto Granado took off prior to his final year of college on this expedition. They set out on motorcycle, but an eighth of the way through, they “mournfully wrapped it up in our pup-tent and left it in an out-of-the-way spot while we continued our voyage on foot”, (page 18, Che- The making of a legend.) This experience allowed Ernesto and Alberto the opportunity to meet many people, work many odd jobs and experience many new things. Along the way, they met wise doctor who allowed them the chance to work in a leprosarium, a place where lepers were taken care of, isolated from the general population. They spent time caring for the patients and distracting them from their problems. Upon their departure, both Ernesto and Alberto made plans to go back and work again with the

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