Che Guevara In One Flew Over The Cuckoo's Nest

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Che Guevara is a leader of the guerilla band and a communist figure in a large scale revolution, mostly taking place in Cuba. His journey begins in 1956 when he observes poverty of the masses and the only solution to help the people is to revolutionize and bring down the opposing regime. He fights for the leftists, anti- imperialists and the rebellion. Almost being defeated by Batista's army is a hardship Che faces, however his struggles allow him to gain more support and recruits. His execution by the Bolivian army took place while attempting to expand his own army in 1967 . He is recognized as an influential martyr, making him a hero (“Che Guevara”). In one of Dave Wasserman's plays the idea of an influential rebel dying for his beliefs …show more content…
Throughout the play, many characters believe that they do not have the ability to live freely as a result of the control Nurse Ratched has. Nevertheless, McMurphy is not intimidated by her control and continues to do as he pleases. In context, it is due to McMurphy's sensibility that he is able to get the patients out of Nurse Ratched's dictatorship. One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest is a literary work recognized to cover many different topics, a primary topic being the idea of winning. Most often in order to win, an Individual experiences mental or physical struggles. Bethany Hamilton is a surfer in Hawaii who's loses her left arm in a shark attack, merely surviving. Her goals are to win a national title and become a professional surfer. In order to do this she has to overcome her paranoia of being attacked again and continue practicing as she normally does. She wins her national title in 2007 and remains an inspirational champion ("Bethany Hamilton"). Therefore, it is evident that winning comes from getting the outcome wanted. Similarly, McMurphy achieved all that he desires and although it results in his demise, it allows readers to evaluate whether consequences as serious as death are worth it to be

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