CHCCHILD404B - Support the rights and safety of children and young people

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Case study

1. Paula may feel she is stupid, worthless and alone. Paula may feel like running away to escape what she is going through because she believes no one understands what she is going through or that no one will believe her story. Paula may feel sometimes killing herself is another way out. She is probably scared what her father would do to her if she told someone or what everyone else would think of her. Paula more than likely believes it her fault, no one will believe her, no one will understand, she feel all alone and she just wants to feel like a normal teenager.

2. - Self- destructive behaviour e.g. drug dependency, suicide attempts and self- mutilation.
Anorexia or over- eating
Sexual knowledge or behaviour
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10. I would talk to the supervisor again but express my views and concerns strongly. I would talk to her about ethics and that you cannot ignore indicators of risk of harm as well as by law you have to obey the child’s rights and consider their views or stories seriously and in a meaningful way. I would hold off on the report but closely monitoring Anna and privately say to her that she can talk to me about anything anytime. I would look for indicators of risk of harm and if I did see signs I would then talk to Anna about it and if need be from there take things to the supervisor again and then formally make a report.

11. Monitor Anna closely look for and signs she is being harmed, I would continue talking to Anna and building trust between each other and when I believe I’ve seen or heard enough I would discuss the situation strongly to my supervisor then make a decision from there.

12. Go over the evidence you have and the recordings you made, multiple times until you’re highly satisfied that you have a strong case to take to your supervisor. You always have to take every allegation seriously and examine it thoroughly before taking it further.

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