Chaucer 's Man Of A Prosperous Middle Essay

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Geoffrey Chaucer was born in 1342, as the child of a prosperous middle-classed wine merchant. While on the docks of London, Chaucer was exposed to all of the lively conversations the people on the docks had. From these people, Chaucer learned how a wide variety of people spoke and acted, something that was very crucial to his writings. As a teen, Chaucer became a page in the royal house, and although he performed menial tasks like running errands, he was exposed to a whole new world different than that of the London docks, a world of fine manners and high class people. In 1359, at the age of 17, the young Chaucer went off to France to fight in the Hundred Years’ War. In this war he was taken prison and the following year his ransom was paid with money provided by the King Edward. In his twenties, he was made a court official, which was the start of his several years of public service. As a court official, Chaucer traveled far and wide on diplomatic missions to places such as France, Spain and Italy. On these missions, he became familiar with the various literatures and cultures of these nations. Even with these time consuming jobs, the busy Chaucer was able to write large collection of works such as Books of the Duchess, Parliament of Fowls, the Legend of Good Woman and The Canterbury Tales. Chaucer worked into his forties and even up to his death in 1400, at the age of 58, leaving his most famous work, The Canterbury Tales still unfinished.
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