Should Charter Schools Be Compulsory For Education Essay

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STUDENT C WHY CHARTER SCHOOLS ARE THE BEST OPTION FOR EDUCATION As defined by Political Encyclopedia of U.S. States and Regions, “Charter schools are elementary and secondary schools that have been granted a charter (or authorization) by state boards o f education or local school boards to receive state or local school funds to operate a school apart from public schools, under the specifications provided in the charter.” There is so much debate on which is the most beneficial route to take for the most out of the education (for a better education)?. As a result of more funding, charter schools get better teachers to prepare minorities in low income neighborhoods, (and) prepare them for college for free. Yet, the most common choice for a parent is to enroll their child into a public school. According to the Stanford University Study “These findings are particularly heartening for the charter advocates who target the most challenging educational …show more content…
In an article by Kate Rix she mentions “Having a focused mission or school philosophy and the autonomy to make the decisions to put that philosophy into practice is what sets charter schools apart from regular public schools” the teachers with in any school really have an important role. Which is how well or how bad the students they teach are doing, which that gathers information on how the entire school is doing. Institutions are up for the selecting and two similar have their advantages and disadvantages. As you can see education is key for children so they know what’s next to come. Hopefully this paper has provided the point that charter schools is what can give students a greater education. I know they are minorities in low income neighborhoods how I did in public school not know how to catch up on with the other students. If we don’t reach out and help these students who

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