Charlie Gordon In Flowers For Algernon

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The past plays a vital role in one’s development by demonstrating a person’s identity in society. Flowers For Algernon by Daniel Keyes shows how the protagonist, Charlie Gordon, tries to change the way he is viewed in society from a mentally incapacitated individual to having a highly developed, profound mind. Give more background: An example of this is revealed after he speaks to Alice Kinnian and feels slightly rejected and says: “One of the things that confuses me is never really knowing when something comes up from my past, (…) I’m like a man who’s been half-asleep all his life, trying to find out what he was like before he woke up” (Keyes, 77). Through this observation the reader can see what Charlie Gordon is going through as his past …show more content…
For instance, in Progress Report 4, March 5, Charlie describes how he is treated in the bakery by his peers.
One example is where Charlie writes, “Gimpy hollered at me because I dropped a tray full of rolls I was carrying over to the oven. They got derty and he had to wipe them off before he put them in to bake. Gimpy hollers at me all the time when I do something rong, but he reely likes me because hes my frend. Boy if I get smart wont they be serprised.” (5) This quote demonstrates how he would be responded to differently if he would got the surgery. Charlie proclaims this idea when he writes what he thinks it would feel like when he was bright, “Then when I am smart they will talk to me and I can sit with them and listen like Joe Carp and Frank and Gimpy do when they talk and have a discushen about importent things.” An additional reason Charlie wants to be smart is so he can learn in the world. “Anyway I hope I get smart soon because I want to lern everything there is in the werld like the collidge boys know. All about art and politics and god.” (20) This 117 IQ points that Charlie Gordon obtains from the procedure done by Professor Nemur and Doctor Strauss is the brain power Charlie uses to show the world through the Algernon-Gordon that he should be treated
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He is appreciative as the surgery gave him a one in a lifetime opportunity to escape from his blocked out, uninhabited cave that he had been living in his whole life prior to the surgery of not knowing about the world and neither about his family prior to the surgery. “Im glad I got a second chanse in life like you said to be smart because I lerned alot of things that I never even even new were in this werld and Im grateful I saw it all for even for a littel bit. And I’m glad I got a second chanse in life like you said to be smart because I lerned alot of things that I never even new were in the werld and Im grateful I saw it all even for a littel bit. And Im glad I found out all about my family and me. It was like I never had a family til I remembird about them and saw them and now I know I had a family and I was a person like evryone.” (285)

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