Charlie Gordon's Short Story 'Flowers For Algernon'

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"Flowers for Algernon" is a short story about a middle aged man named Charlie. Charlie, however has the IQ of 68 therefore Charlie is not very smart. All Charlie wants is to be smart like the rest of his friends. Charlie takes multiple test in order to see the doctors Nemur and Straus will be able to use him for a special operation, in which Charlie will become very smart. This test is designed to triple Charlie's IQ. The doctors decide to use Charlie for this experiment because he is very driven and will do anything to become smarter. While preforming the operation doctor Nemur and Straus have to make very ethical medical decisions. Ethics are the standards between the right and the wrong, you can apply them to rights, religion, law, standards/behaviors. Charlie Gordons doctors did not act ethically while performing the surgery to make Charlie smarter.
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While preforming a surgery on someone, you are supposed to ask the mandatory questions before doing the procedure. Some of the questions are for serious medical reason other just for history background, but there could be vital side affects when preforming the procedure without asking the questions. A good example of the questions would be like, Does you patient have any allergies?, or Are you on any medicine that we need to be aware of? These questions are good examples because it makes sure that the patient is not going to be under risk while going into surgery, says Dobrin Arthur, the author of " Five Steps to Better Ethical Decision Making". Although they did not ask Charlie these questions while preforming the questions on

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