Charles Robert Darwin : The World 's Perspective On Evolution

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Charles Robert Darwin was an English biologist scientist who changed the world’s perspective on evolution. Darwin traveled for 5 years as an unpaid naturalist on a voyage in order to learn more about evolution and natural selection. He was able to receive encouragement from his family and friends to go on the journey. He made his biggest discovery at the Galapagos Islands. After finishing the voyage Darwin wrote numerous of books, the most known ones being The Voyage of the Beagle and On the Origin of Species. Darwin grew up in a wealthy environment. He wrote in his autobiography about when he was a child and said, “I believe that I was in many ways a naughty boy.” He recalls being the only one from his siblings to be interested in collecting “all sorts of things, shells, seals, franks, coins, and minerals.” (Darwin, 2008) He lost his mother at the age of 8 and was sent to a day school for a year, he had to deal with a lot of pressure from his father. Darwin was baptized and he would go to church regularly. He studied at Shrewsbury School and graduated at the age of 16. Darwin was born on February 12, 1809 at Shrewsbury England. He was the fifth child out of six. Darwin’s grandfather, Erasmus Darwin, was a physician and a botanist who wrote a book on Zoonomia. Darwin’s father, Robert Darwin, was a medical doctor who wanted for his son to follow his footsteps. Unfortunately Darwin did not find it interesting. After having also rejected to become a parson, Darwin attended a…

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