Essay about Charles Dickens ' The Great Gatsby

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Imagine sitting at an old wooden desk drenched in candle light with parchment paper and an old pen. Imagine all the fantastical, adventuresome, and downright amazing things that could originate from one person sitting like this thinking these things. Now realize almost all the incredible classic authors that are still read and praised today started from a beginning such as that. One of these authors was Charles Dickens. His humble beginnings and naturally optimistic and although slightly imperious personality are what brought us the classic novels that people still cherish today. Although Dickens ' may not have been the smartest or most well-known man, he brought us lasting pieces of literature that still touch peoples ' hearts and change their outlook on life today. Charles Dickens was born February 7,1812 in Portsmouth, England(“Charles Dickens” B 109).
Charles was the second child of John and Elizabeth Dickens(“Charles Dickens” 75). Dickens ' father John worked as an assistant clerk in the Navy Pay Office(Simkin Par 5). John Dickens was an easygoing person who,unbeknownst to his employers, was not all that good with money(“Charles Dickens” B 105). Charles ' mother Elizabeth was thought of as a kind woman, who longed to be a school teacher(“Charles Dickens” C Par 2). However, despite his parents ' best efforts his family remained undeniably poor(“Charles Dickens” C Par 2). Dickens had one older sister, Fanny Dickens, and six younger siblings: Alfred…

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