Charles Darwin 's Theory Of Evolution Essay

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Charles Darwin is known for his contribution to the theory of evolution. But before he was a naturalist, he was just a Charles Darwin, one of the six siblings. He was born on 12th of February 1809 in Shrewsbury, Shropsire, England (Myint, 2016). Darwin came from a rich family and he wanted to be the same as his father and grandfather. He secured a place in Edinburgh University to practice medicine. However, Darwin was not a good one. He was not able to take the brutal procedure and operation since it was the time where there were still no anesthetic. After that, he begun to attend Cambridge to study Divinity (BBC, n.d). The idea of evolution is not originally from Charles Darwin. It was already an idea even before he was born. When he was still in Edinburgh University, he was exposed to the idea of evolution by Jean-Baptiste Lamarck (Than, 2015). According to him, organisms change though their life to adapt to the environment and pass those newly acquired traits to their offspring. Scientists now proven that Lamarck got some details wrong (Than, 2015; “Darwin and Natural Selection,” n.d). A tutor from Cambridge suggested that he should come to the biology trip around the world that lasted for nearly five years. In this expedition, they made a stop in Galapagos Island where he collected different plants and animals (Myint 2016). With all the collections he has from different places, he formulated his views about what causes the evolution of these plants and animals during…

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