Charles Darwin On The Origin Of Species Essay

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In the book On the Origin of Species, Charles Darwin talks about how he doesn’t believe in an internal vital force with living beings. This statement technically makes Darwin a reductionist. Charles Darwin had a great mind and great minds like his change the game for critical thinking for such successive historical points in time. What is most dependent on modern thought is the many influences of Charles Darwin himself; Charles Darwin is known for his many diverse accomplishments. In fact, his thoughts and ideas were so diverse that his accomplishments were divided up into three fields to which he made major contributions to. These three fields consist of the philosophy of science, evolutionary biology, and the modern zeitgeist. Charles Darwin was the founder of a new type of life science known as evolutionary biology.
Charles Darwin made four very important contributions to evolutionary biology. Modern conception of evolution itself was the first contribution to evolutionary biology. What Darwin meant by this is that there is never a consistency of the same traits within a species over a long period of time. He believed an organ can develop further or degenerate only due to continuous variation. The notion of branching evolution is the second contribution to evolutionary biology was implying that all life on earth came from a single origin. Up until 1859, all evolutionary proposals, such as naturalist Lamarck and his views on Lamarckism, showed strong support for linear…

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